Why Bulgarian Online Stores Don’t Offer Cross-Border Sales

Bulgarian online stores face various challenges when attempting to sell goods abroad despite overcoming many barriers like language and payment through new technologies. The main issues are logistical: high costs, long delivery times, technical problems, damaged or returned parcels, lack of guarantees, and complex return procedures (or lack thereof). To tackle these difficulties, businesses are advised to outsource logistical processes through fulfilment services, which can significantly reduce costs and optimise processes in the long term.


High Delivery Costs

One of the main reasons Bulgarian online stores avoid cross-border sales is the high delivery cost. International courier services are often expensive, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises without a large volume of shipments. Delivery costs can make products uncompetitive in international markets. Merchants often limit themselves to working with a single courier, which might not offer the best price-quality ratio.

It’s essential to determine the goal for each shipment—whether it should arrive quickly at a higher cost or more slowly at a lower cost.


Delivery Time

Talking about delivery time, prolonged delivery times are another significant issue. While domestic shipments can be delivered quickly, international shipments often take longer due to customs procedures and logistical challenges. This can lead to customer dissatisfaction.



Technical Problems

Many Bulgarian online stores face technical difficulties in integrating international deliveries into their platforms. This includes managing different currencies, taxes, duties, and specific delivery requirements in different countries.


Damaged and Returned Parcels

The risk of damaged parcels in international deliveries is higher due to the longer transportation time and the multiple stages the parcel goes through. This leads to additional costs for replacing goods and can damage the store’s reputation.

Surveys conducted with new clients show that returned parcels are one of the biggest concerns. This is crucial as merchants, in this case, must pay for shipping in both directions. Therefore, brands need to ensure they choose the right courier to minimise the return rate.


Lack of Guarantees

Many online stores worry about the lack of guarantees in international sales. If the customer is unsatisfied with the product or the parcel does not arrive, the return and replacement process can be complex and costly.


Optimisation Solutions

Many Bulgarian online stores outsource their logistical processes to companies offering fulfilment services to overcome these challenges. These companies can help reduce delivery costs, speed up delivery times, and simplify return procedures.

If you also plan to sell abroad and want to ensure that your parcels reach your customers without issues, book a free consultation to learn how we can help.