DX Signature Plus allows you to send your shipments with weight up to 2kg worldwide, and delivery will only be made against the recipient’s signature.

Shipments with this service can be tracked from the time of shipment to the time of receipt, and the recipient can be notified daily, both by email and SMS.

The DX Signature Plus service combines full tracking, full destination coverage, security and competitive pricing.

Each shipment is barcoded and can be insured in case of damage or loss.

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* All prices are in euros without VAT (charged for EU countries).

Direx applies a fee of 3.52 BGN including VAT, for collecting shipments from an address, regardless of the number of taken/received shipments . In cities where there is no Direx office, customers are served by our trusted partner - Econt. With Direx you have the opportunity to insure your shipments in case of damage or loss. The commission for insurance with coverage up to 45€ is worth 0. 75€, and for coverage up to 150€, the commission is worth 1. 50€.

* Customer email notification is completely free.

Every shipment with the service must be packed by the sender in a form that permits its safe transport and be accompanied by a label for delivery. Delivery labels are generated and printed in A6 format directly from the sender's client profile available on the Direx site.

Consignments are also delivered with a printed Client's Manifest, which is generated from the profile of each sender and represents a pass-through protocol with a number and barcode between the clients and Direx.

For consignments sent to non-EU countries, a customs type declaration (CN 22 / CN 23) must be placed on the consignment. The details given in this declaration are used for customs clearance and release of consignments in the recipient country. The principle of choosing form CN22 or CN 23 is:

Shipment value < 300 SDR*** = CN22 Shipment value > 300 SDR*** = CN23

*** SDRs = special drawing rights (Approx 1 EUR)

Returned consignments (refused by the recipient or those with incomplete or inaccurate address) are returned to the sender without any additional fee if the percentage of such shipments does not exceed 3% of all shipments sent by the consignor. A higher rate may incur an additional fee.